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35 Weeks Pregnancy Update

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Holy Moly I’m officially 9 months pregnant in only a few days!

We should really say we’re 10 months pregnant though! 😉 Once you get to 9 months you still have 4 weeks to go! Gosh, not that I’m wishing the weeks away. I’d actually like a few more just to relax and gather my thoughts!

It’s only now that I’m slowing down and doing less. After this week I’ve taken no more big work events on so I’m looking forward to taking it easy for a few weeks at home and getting the final few bits organised.

I haven’t planned any specific dates to go on or off maternity leave. I’ll just be playing it by ear and only doing what I feel up for. It’ll be business as usual on though. It’s great that I can do all of my online commitments in my own time, I’ll be pre-doing a lot of blog posts for when I’ve just had the baby and of course I have Niamh who will be keeping everything going in my absence too.


So this week has definitely been one of toughest in my pregnancy so far. While wrapping birthday presents for Ollie last Saturday I was leaning over slightly and whatever way I came back up, I really hurt my back. I was close to tears and in agony for the rest of day. I just rested, and had an early night with a hot water bottle but it didn’t seem to help much.

Then on Sunday it was Ollie’s birthday, we had a party for him which was really lovely, I’m glad we did it and went to all the effort – it was lovely to have family and friends over. Plus my nephew Finn was only home from the States after his surgery so it was an extra excuse to gather everyone together. (He’s doing so well since, we’re all delighted for him and so proud. You can keep up to date with Finns progress on his Facebook page here)


I’m always in favour of parties and celebrating occasions, even more so now since my Mum is gone actually. I think it’s important and special to make memories with people who are important to you.

It was typical I didn’t feel my best though, I had little sleep with the back pain on Saturday night but I just put it to the back of my mind for the party.

Ollie absolutely loved it all – he was so sweet thanking me on Sunday night when he went to bed. I’m glad he got to have a party before the baby arrives too. I can only imagine how a toddler’s little life is changed once a baby comes along.

Energy wise I’m feeling pretty tired at the moment – but that’s normal towards the end. The weight of the bump is really heavy now and I can’t sit up for very long. I constantly have a foot under my right rib so I’m leaning to my left hand side all the time. I must look like a total lunatic!


My wedding bands are off now (I’m just wearing my engagement ring) as my hands are definitely swollen, along with everything else!

Even my runners feel tight. My friends are laughing saying I look like I’ve had lip fillers. My lips are big anyway so I definitely don’t need them to be bigger with the swelling!


I must be a moan this week because yesterday, out of the blue, Ollie started to mimic me saying, “Oh ow my back, give me a hand up, it’s so sore – where’s my water bottle?”, followed by lots of huffing and puffing!!

Brian and I had tears rolling down our faces with laughter – the cheeky monkey!

Anyone that suffers with back pain though will know how sore and irritating it is. I’m hoping a few more days of rest will sort itself out.

Last week actually (before the back issue) I got a really fab pregnancy massage in a salon not too far from where we live – Tiger Lily’s in Rathcoole. Grace my therapist did the massage, she used all of the Mama Mio products, which I love. She was really super and I felt so relaxed after it. I adore a full body massage in general but when you’re pregnant, it’s total heaven. Treat yourself to one if you can.

If you follow me on Snapchat (pippa.oconnor) you’ll know we made some good progress on our nursery – I’m really happy with it. I decided on grey and white, I love grey anyway. I have greys a lot throughout our house.


2 walls are painted grey (‘Merrion Grey’ by Dulux) and 2 are white.


Then I got some cute grey sticker stars from Mamas and Papas and put them on one white wall.

The furniture is from

I’ll do a separate post on the room when it’s finished but this is what it’s like so far. I’ve bedding, a rug, a new light and a blind yet to be added – I can’t wait to see it all finished.

I have a few friends that are pregnant at the moment too, some have had their babies early so it’s making me think I better pack a hospital bag soon, just in case 😉

That’ll be a separate post. I love seeing what other Mums pack in their hospital bag. So stay tuned for that one too.

Lots of love

P & bump xx


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