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35 Dazzling Debs Dress Ideas

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Debs season has begun so we’ve put together an edit of some standout dress ideas for those of you that will be going this year. We love any opportunity to swoon over some seriously glam gowns here at! 😉

On your debs you want to feel and look your best (and be selfie-ready of course), so finding the perfect dress that you adore is essential. But don’t worry, we promise you won’t have to be spending a small fortune to look a million dollars on the night.

Something we always recommend before taking the plunge and actually buying a debs dress is to look into dress rentals. Let’s face it, unless you have another upcoming evening event to wear it to, you probably won’t wear it again. The Ivory Closet in Limerick and Cari’s Closet in Dublin are one of the best places for hiring dresses.

But if you do purchase a dress, you can always bring it to an alterations place afterwards and get it made into something completely different like a matching crop top and skirt.

Take a look at some of our picks below. What do you think?


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The All Star Blue

The All Star Blue

Debs season has begun so we’ve put

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