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2015 – Looking back

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Hi Everyone,

Not the most original post coming up, but(!) I think it’s important and nice for us all to look back over the year we’ve just had.


When thinking back over 2015, it amazes me how much things have changed and how much happened in just 12 months.

It’s been a good year professionally and I’m certainly happy and proud of what I’ve achieved.

Launching my own make up alongside Blank Canvas was definitely one of my highlights.

This time last year I was extremely nervous about unveiling it… “Will it sell?” “Will people like it as much as me?” – the usual things that go through your head when you’re putting yourself out there!

In saying that, I was quietly confident that people would like it. We had worked so hard on it and I was very happy with the product so I knew once people bought it they’d like it too. It’s just scary starting something new and hoping people will believe in you and what you’ve done.

Little did I know just how successful it would be. So for that I’m very grateful and proud.


It gives me much more confidence going forward and makes me strive for what I want to do next.

My Fashion Factories went from strength to strength and gained more popularity than I could ever have wished for in 2015. It’s been really great to meet so many people in person rather than just online. For me that’s definitely the best part of it.

Another big highlight for me was winning ‘Most Stylish Woman’ at the VIP Style Awards, ‘Best Blogger’ at the Stellar Shine Awards and ‘Best Fashion Blog’, ‘Best Beauty Blog’ and ‘Best Overall Blog’ at the Irish Beauty Blog Awards. I was really so thrilled and honoured with everything.


This year was definitely filled with lots of happy, proud and pinch myself moments.

With the happiness brings a tinge of sadness as it was the first year without our Mum, each time something good or exciting happened she was and is one of the first I think of. The first birthday, first anniversary. The first year is just so difficult without someone. I don’t know if it’ll get easier, I’m sure we will just get more used to it. People often write to me and ask me how I’ve dealt with the grief, I find it very difficult to answer as I’m no expert and I’m only learning myself how to cope.

With the amount of positive things happening though I can’t but think that’s her helping things along. I think that comforts me the most, believing that you’re being watched over.


I’ve become so much stronger, confident and assured of myself this year and without sounding cheesy that’s all down to a positive mental attitude. I really try to see the positive and good in every situation now.

I have a very busy new year ahead of me – that I really can’t wait to start.


I have 11 Fashion Factories in January and February. I’ll be launching new products early in the year and at the moment I’m trying to meet deadlines on one of my biggest projects of 2016. All of which feels a little daunting at the moment but I suppose if your goals and dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough!! And if things felt under control I wouldn’t be challenging myself enough.


All of the above will be done well in advance of May when (please god) we welcome our second little angel to the world. We are all so excited. I cannot wait to become a Mum again.

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year. Wishing you lots of positivity and happiness. Believe and anything is possible!

Thank you for following me and supporting me all year long. Xxx

Bring on the New Year 😉

Much love



My 2015 Personal Highlights:

Watching Ollie grow into a funny, kind, affectionate and clever little boy.

Travelling with my boys.

Making a new home.

Being able to fundraise for my nephew Finn and helping him on his way to surgery next March.

(Thank you to everyone who supported not only my event for Finn but all the other events or to anyone who donated. We are so appreciative)

Who Inspires Me:

People I know inspire me. Family and friends that are successful, driven and happy inspire me.

My sister inspires me – for many reasons.

What Motivates Me:

Meeting people who give me positive feedback about my product or website motivates me more than anything.

My husband, who motivates and ensures me on the low days.

What I’ve Learned in 2015:

To be brave and to go with your gut instinct

From small beginnings come great things!

Small goals I’d like to achieve in 2016:

Take up some form of exercise – it’s good for everything!

Things I’m giving up in 2016:

Nothing! Life is too short to give up anything I enjoy.


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