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2 Tips For Fuller Hair!

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A few weeks ago I was at an event for Viviscal – while I was there I met Ciaran Nevin. Ciaran is a very well known hairdresser with a salon in Terenure.

We got chatting about hair dryers and brushes. I told him I can’t ever blow dry my hair as well as they do it in my salon.

I asked him to recommend the best brush to use when blow drying and he said never use a steel one always use a wooden one!!

I use a steel one sometimes but found it only okay.

He said “have you tried the Ibiza brush”

I’d never heard of it and was intrigued.

So naturally the next day I set about getting myself the Ibiza brush! (Yes! I’m easily led when it comes to beauty products .. I’m a sucker and buy everything !!!)

It’s a big round bristle brush on a wooden handle. It’s quite big but really light to hold.

It’s definitely the best brush I’ve ever used- it helped to give a much sleeker looking blow dry and lots of volume.

I’m so happy I found it and really recommend it if you like straight frizz free hair!

But!! I’m not finished there with my tips for today! Lucky you eh!! πŸ˜‰ along with my new brush I’ve recently started using a new root lifting gel by Kerastase (well it’s new to me! I think it’s out since last year. Kate Moss was the fabulous face for this campaign) It’s called ‘Lift Vertige’ and it’s Aaaamazing!!

I apply two pumps of the gel to my roots when my hair is damp.. Then i use my Ibiza brush to blow dry it – I blow dry in 2 sections.

You’ll see from the pics that my hair is definitely more ‘professional’ looking than usual. I’m delighted with the results. (I need it cut and coloured again though, hopefully next week if I have time!)

Have you got either of these?

You can buy Kerastase products in Peter Mark salons and other good salons nationwide. RRP €27.00

You can buy the Ibiza brush online!/~/product/category=4623329&id=22017812

I’m not sure what other salons or shops have them? If you know maybe you can let us know below incase people are wondering.

Have a lovely weekend.

We’ll be back tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Much love

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