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2 Beauty Secrets!!

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I absolutely love finding little beauty gems. I’m lucky enough to get to try loads through the various work I do and I’m always asking my make up artist friends “what’s new that I need to know about” !

80% of things I try I probably don’t talk about. If they aren’t fantastic in my eyes I won’t talk about them.

But! When I find things I LOVE I’ll always tell everyone.. My friends and family will get random texts and pics of beauty products saying “Urgent! Get this” πŸ˜‰
They all laugh at me thinking I’m a little mad, then of course they buy them and thank me!

Of course I’ll always tell you guys too!

So with that in mind , I have 2 “urgent” must haves to share..

SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Skin WOW Tan

I put a pic of this up on my Instagram last week when I got it.
I tried it out going to the Style awards last Friday night.
I had put Lauren’s Way tan on 2 nights previous to the awards. I was tanned- ish on Friday morning but decided to use the Instant Glow Tan to top it up and give me a little shimmer! πŸ˜‰
Firstly I love that it’s a small nifty little bottle.
It pumps out easily, I only used about 3 pumps .. I actually just pumped it onto my hands and rubbed it over my arms and shoulders. It washed easily of my hands leaving no traces of orange palms! (Yuk!)

It can be used to contour and brighten your cheek bonds too or you could simply mix with your moisturiser and wear solo.

I think this is super multi functional product for the summer months!

Perfect for packing into your case for your hols too!

Available from Boots , €7.59.

MARY-LOU MANIZER – the BALM cosmetics.

I love love love highlighters , I’m always on the look out for new products that will give me glowy looking skin. I love wearing make up but I don’t like heavy looking make up. I like it fresh ,dewy and glowing.
I’m not big into heavy eye make up- I think it’s ageing..that’s just my taste for me though!

So I mainly focus on the skin and trying to get it looking flawless..

This highlighter was used on me last week on a job and It was one of those ‘oh my god how have I been surviving without you’ moments!!

It’s just magical. The best highlighter I’ve ever come across.
It’s so beautiful on the skin – it gives the most gorgeous goldenly glow! It’s subtle but so effective.

I brought it with me to Tara O’Farrell so she could use it on me when she did my make up for the style awards.
She loved it too and has since gotten it!

I’m using it every day since- even on days that I’m wear only tinted moisturiser I’ve been adding this to my brow bone, on my cheeks and in the corners of my eyes.

It’s so brightening and just fabulous.. I could go on but I think you get the picture !! πŸ˜‰

You can buy online from Cloud 10 Beauty, it costs €18.95.

Do you have either? Bet you love them too? πŸ˜‰

Much love


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