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12 Flattering High-Waisted Bikinis

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Ladies, say ‘bye bye’ to the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini. The retro-inspired high-waisted bikini is this summer’s must-have style of swimwear and we are in love.


Seafolly bikini set

Not only are they adored by some of our fave celebs Gigi, Beyoncé and Rihanna, high-waisted bikini sets hide a multitude and seriously flatter your figure. They’re super ideal if you’re conscious of your stomach area. They nip you in at the waist and suck you in at the tummy – so no muffin top disasters!



Today on, we’ve put together an edit of some our fave affordable high-waisted bikinis to give you some pre-holiday inspo.



(pics via Pinterest)

Do you like high-waisted bikinis too? Join in on the chats on Facebook or in the comments below. 😉


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