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10 Ways to Beat the January Blues

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It’s freezing outside, your Instagram feed is currently filled with “New year, new me” captioned gym posts and your fave skinny jeans are slightly tighter than usual. Sound familiar? Ladies, say hello to the January Blues!

January can be a hard month for a lot of us so with that in mind, we thought it would be good to do a positive post to banish those blues. Here are some ideas to keep you happy and smiling…

#1. Set realistic goals


If you haven’t made any New Year goals yet it’s never too late to start.

They can be simple ones … Walking/running once a week with a friend/group, learning to drive, taking on a new hobby. Setting achievable goals for yourself is a great way to feel motivated and driven.

#2. Pamper yourself


After the festive season where dinners and parties with your friends and family were a regular occurrence, it’s important you dedicate some ‘me time’ to yourself in January. Whatever it is that makes you happy and calm – do that. A nice pamper session is always a good idea to really unwind. You can see what my ideal pamper night involves here. And it’s a perfect excuse to use them gift sets you received at Christmas 😉

#3. Plan a holiday / weekend getaway


It’s great to have something to look forward to- whether it’s a weekend away or a summer holiday, it’ll keep you going on days when you’re feeling down.

#4. Online shopping

Retail therapy is always the best form of therapy! It’s definitely one of our favourite things to do 😀 Ordering yourself a new pair of shoes or a fab dress is guaranteed to lift your mood (especially if they’re reduced!).

#5. Declutter!


We’ve all heard the saying “a clear space, a clear mind.” As much as we dread starting, there’s no denying the satisfaction you get when the task is done. Dedicate some time to clean out your wardrobe and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in 12 months. Give them to charity or you can sell your pieces on the app Depop. It’ll be so worth it, trust us.

#6. Have a girly night in


Inviting your friends over can be a great way to cheer yourself up without it costing too much. Watch a movie, bake some fab treats, exchange beauty products and have a good natter. You’re guaranteed to have a laugh.

#7. Go to the cinema


This is the perfect date night idea if you’re doing Dry January. Grab yourself some popcorn and relax. There’s so many new films out at the mo – you’re sure to find something you fancy seeing.

#8. Get some fresh air


Sometimes the best thing to do to clear your mind is to wrap up and go for a long walk. It does wonders for sorting out your thoughts and it will make you feel fresh as a daisy.

#9. Turn off your phone and curl up with a book


In a time where our phone’s are a constant attachment to our hands, it’s healthy to turn it off every now and then a get sucked into that really good book you’ve been meaning to start.

#10. Buy yourself some flowers


There’s something about flowers that can instantly lift your mood and make you smile. It adds some colour to your home, which is always a great thing I say!

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