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Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love starting off a week with a great competition!

Today’s giveaway is one if my favourites. As a massive MiMoneda fan I’m only too delighted to give away another MiMoneda necklace kindly given to me by LilyWho.Com

Rihanna has been spotted wearing this one and is obviously a big fan herself.

Incase you don’t know, Mi Moneda meaning โ€˜My Coinโ€™ in Spanish, is a really fashionable and luxurious brand inspired by vintage coins.

Mi Moneda invented the original interchangeable coin concept, kick starting a huge craze for other coin inspired jewellery brands to follow suit.

The interchangeable coins means you can create a very personal piece of jewellery.
With over 250,00 combinations youโ€™re sure to have something very unique.

To WIN this amazing prize please follow these simple steps..

– Like & Share the competition on my

– Retweet the competition link on my twitter

– Like Lilywho on Facebook /

– Leave your name below

Best of luck!

(Winner will be announced next Monday the 18th)


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