The 10 Boyfriend Shirts We Need In Our Lives!


Every now and then, a trend comes on the scene that we borrow from the guys. Literally. This time we’re talking about the effortlessly sexy and chic boyfriend shirt… And you don’t necessarily need a boyfriend to rock one. 😉


So what is a boyfriend shirt? It’s an oversized button-down shirt that has a masculine silhouette. It’s pretty much supposed to look like one of your boyf’s shirts that you ever-so-effortlessly threw on.


The styling opportunities with this piece are endless, which is why we love it so much. Chic it up with a belt a la Carrie Bradshaw above (are you obsessed with this look too?) or leave a few buttons open and rock some leathers on the bottom half.


See? They are a must-have!

Check out our top 10 picks below. How do you style your boyfriend shirt?



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