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‘Pippa’s Picks’ – The White Jumper!

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Hello there!

I’m back with ‘Pippa’s Picks’ today!
My pick is a sale buy.. This Jumper is also featured in my YouTube video tomorrow where I’m showing lots of things I’ve bought in the sales over the past week or so. So tune in to see that 😉

I just loved this white jumper. It’s from Oasis.
It was reduced to €19, which I think is really good value as it’s a good quality knitted jumper.

I like buying things in the sale that I’ll actually get good use of. I’ll wear this all year round and style it differently depending on the weather.

I don’t suggest buying things just for the sake of it because you think it’s a good price.

Shop smart! 😉

Happy shopping..
Much love

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The City Crop

Hello there! I’m back with

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