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My shopping haul from The Loop

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If you follow me on social media (hello Snapchat! I’m addicted), you’ll know I had a quick 24hrs away recently in Wales.


As usual I did a spot of shopping at The Loop. You can’t not – especially when the prices are significantly less than downtown prices. With a saving of at least 15% on skincare and makeup, it’s a great opportunity to stock up on products during the summer when you can make a saving!

There were some skin care and make up products I really wanted to get for a while now and decided to wait until I was going through The Loop as I knew I’d get better value.

Here’s what I bought…

My sister asked me to pick her up the Lancôme products she always uses.


I got the cleansing milk for face and eyes and also the toner in one set for €50.40, which is super value as they’re huge! 400ml each.

I really loved how well informed and friendly the staff were in helping me with my skincare purchases.


I also got this Clarins Pregnancy Skin Care set for my friend as a gift.


It contains everything she would need to keep her skin feeling beautiful throughout her pregnancy. I used the body treatment oil myself when I was pregnant which I loved.



I’d been dying to get this since I featured it on Xpose. It’s the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow, €18.80


It’s a natural formula that provides all the benefits of a self-tanner without the drawbacks! Its high-precision dosage works with any day or night cream to deliver made-to-measure results. Simply add 1, 2 or 3 drops to your daily moisturiser and apply to your face in the normal manner. You can build the colour up over a few days if you wish you simply use a couple of times a week to maintain the glow.

It also comes in a bigger bottle that’s specifically for the body, which works in the same way – simply add some drops into your moisturiser. Perfect for people that dislike the fuss of false tan.

I actually also got a quick make up application done by a lovely girl at the Bobbi Brown counter. I didn’t know you can book ahead to get your make up done before you fly. Very handy!


*Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 

Shade 6.5 €38.25


This is a foundation I wanted to repurchase for ages now.


I hadn’t bought it in years but I missed it recently so decided to buy again. It’s a beautiful light but buildable foundation with the most beautiful glow. I love that you can still see your skin through this. I had previously bought shade 5.5 but I purchased 6.5 this time, as it seemed to suit better.


* Armani Luminous Silk Compact 

Shade 5.5


This is brand new to Armani so of course I wanted to try it! No! I have no will power when it comes to products!!

This is a silky powder compact that can be worn alone to replace foundation or it can be lightly dusted over your foundation to add more coverage and set your foundation in place.

I really liked the results of this over my Luminous Silk foundation. It keeps it in place and reduced the appearance of any pores further. I didn’t look ‘caked’ either, which I was happy with.


I like the way they’ve packaged this too. You buy the empty case (€14.75) and buy the refill compact separately (€31.25) so at least it’s not as expensive then when you go to buy again you’re only paying for the refill.

I bought everything at once. I brought some of my make up with me on the flight. The items that were too big to bring on board or that I didn’t need I used the ‘Shop & Collect’ service at no extra cost. I picked those items up at arrivals on my way home – it’s located just as you exit the baggage area so you can’t miss it 😉


I hope you enjoyed the peek at my shopping haul.


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