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Hot lips!

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Hi Girls!

When these little beauties arrived yesterday I was eager to test them out.

I’m a lippy lover! The brighter the better for me. It’s my all time favourite make up look, dewy skin and a bright lip.

I just think it’s so pretty and fresh. More often than not you’ll see me with very little on my eyes and just a bright lip.

So! You’ll understand my excitement to see these new lip pencils from Maybelline.

I got a 4 to try. A red, a deep plum, a bright pink and a coral.

I tested the coral for you first. ‘420 in with coral’ I thought that would be the most popular 😉

It’s a chunky pencil that you apply all over the lip, it’s creamy and semi matte. Instantly the colour popped out. It’s mega bright, the pictures I took didn’t do it justice. It’s WOW in real life.

I wore it for a few hours, had a cuppa, made a million phone calls (nearly) and it was still perfect looking. My lips felt moisturised too.

If you like an intense lip colour I think you’ll love these too.

It costs €6.79, available nationwide from this month.

Much love

Ps – would you like to see a YouTube tutorial using this tomorrow? I’ve a very exciting new mascara to tell you about too! Yikes!!!!


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Hi Girls! When these little beauties

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