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10 Must-Have Trophy Jackets – the answer to lazy party girls’ prayers

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Hi girls,

The super glam ‘Trophy Jacket’ is a must-have piece in every party girl’s wardrobe and its glitzy statement-making appeal is ideal for this time of year.


Lots head out for their Christmas party straight from work… Cue lots of outfit-related stress! Well the trophy jacket, ladies, will be your saviour! Gone are the days of awkwardly changing your entire outfit in the work bathroom!


The trophy jacket is an easy piece that you can throw on over jeans/trousers, skirts and dresses, instantly adding drama and and festive glamour.



We’ve selected 10 gorgeous trophy jackets below, which are all either embroidered, embellished or printed. Which one’s your fave? 🙂


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The City Crop

The City Crop

Hi girls, The super glam ‘Trophy

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